Author: Dr. Russ Bowers

  • The Folly of These Days

    The elves of Lothlórien distrusted Gimli the dwarf: they insisted that he be blindfolded before entering their fair land. In order that he not be singled out, the rest of […]

  • Your House, God’s House, Our House

    Grand Central Station. Bedlam. A collection of individuals each doing his or her own thing. An empty nest. A place of peace and refuge from the world. Do any of […]

  • Picture on Dresser

    Is it possible to find truth outside our tradi­tion? In the following story, what is similar to how the Bible pictures God and the gospel? Who is the minister? Where […]

  • The Original Shoobies

    They are not from here, but from another state altogether. Foreigners. They speak differently, and follow customs we frankly find revolting. We didn’t invite them, but our govern­ment said they […]

  • Up Close and Personal

    When I was young my family sometimes camped at the foot of New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington. One day we drove the auto road to the summit. Though hot and muggy […]

  • First Time

    Monday afternoon I did it—took the new kayak into the ocean for the First Time. What did I learn? Last year was my First Time to paddle the ocean. Loved […]

  • Disappointed

    It has happened to all of us. Our dreams faded. If they did come true, things turned out not as great as imagined. Nothing lasted. The bouquet of a new […]

  • Thinning

    Second Cape’s cemetery sits across the street and borders Seaside. Early in ’18, after a gap of decades, I strolled again among the stones. We are all grateful for Jay’s […]

  • New

    A new dress. A new shirt. A new car. A new friendship. How we value these things! A new way of doing things? Not so much. God stays the same, […]

  • Second Cape

    Descend, O Muse, and sing of Second Cape! Rehearse the whole; let not a soul escape Of all who worship here, and serve so well. Though long you sing, the […]