Second Cape

Descend, O Muse, and sing of Second Cape!
Rehearse the whole; let not a soul escape
Of all who worship here, and serve so well.
Though long you sing, the half you shall not tell.

Sing first of him who with his saw and drill
Doth mend our walls. I speak of Mike DuBruille.
He is our coach. He hath served overseas,
And often prays to God upon his knees.

Sing sweetly, Muse, of wondrous Winders twain.
To wit, of Deacon Robert and Elaine
Who lead our children’s program ev’ry week
And other opportunities do seek.

There is no one among us can complain
Of all the flow’rs that bloom because of Jane.
The walkway to our Hall sports ev’ry hue
Thanks to the faithful gard’ning she doth do.

And now, O Muse, I pause and know not whether
To ask song first for John, or his wife Heather.
John teacheth ev’ry Sunday. And his wife
Doth add great luster to our church’s life.

We hold in hand a paper that doth speak
Of all ’twill happen here this very week.
Why are our bulletins not dull or bland?—
The artistry of Secretary Anne.

Sing next, O Muse, of Edward who doth clean
Our buildings, and doth much behind the scene.
Thou wouldst be wrong, and certainly remiss,
Shouldst thou not sing of sweet musician Chris,

And others who with her do sing and play
Before the pastor comes to preach and pray.
As I had warned, the half hath not been said.
But space is gone, and time to speak hath sped.

There are so many others in our ranks
Who should be recognized with grateful thanks!

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