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For what did people in the Bible thank and praise God? Here is a sampling from the nearly 500 verses in
which these terms are used. Look them up, and contemplate them in context for a short course in biblical
Gen 14:20 deliverance from enemies
Gen 24:27 guidance
Ex 15:2 being our strength and salvation
Jdg 5:2 leaders who lead and followers who offer themselves
1 Sam 25:32 sending someone to divert us from evil
1 Sam 25:39 justice
1 Ki 8:15 keeping his promise
1 Ki 8:56 rest
1 Chron 16:34 enduring love
Neh 12 help in completing a big project
Ps 9:1 wonderful deeds
Ps 13:6 being good
Ps 16:7 counsel
Ps 68:19 bearing our burdens
Ps 71:22 faithfulness
Ps 103:1–3 forgiveness and healing our souls
Ps 119:62 righteous laws
Ps 139:14 the wonder of our bodies
Ps 144:1 training to accomplish great tasks
Dan 2:19–23 miraculous answers to prayer
Matt 11:25 God’s hiding and revealing himself
Matt 14:19 food
Lk 17:15–18 healing
Jn 11:41 hearing us
Rom 1:8 the faith of others
1 Cor 15:57 victory over death
2 Cor 2:14 using us in his ministry
2 Cor 9:15 his indescribable gift
Col 1:12 an inheritance in the Kingdom
1 Tim 1:12 being entrusted with ministry
1 Pet 4:16 bearing the name “Christian,” even in suffering

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